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ClusterWall - Digital content sharing and communication social network

Several features

ClusterWall offers a number of features that make this platform a complete content management solution, providing many customization and management options. Each feature can be customized to your user’s environment in a unique way.

Social Network

Use ClusterWall as your institution’s internal social network where all employees can communicate and share all kinds of content with each other. You can integrate ClusterWall into your website, blog, or even replace your company’s old bulletin boards.
ClusterWall - Social network

Digital signature

Notify and have a feature for users to sign important documents digitally, thus avoiding unnecessary paper waste, making your institution more modern, effective and technological.
ClusterWall - Digital signature

Profile Creation

Create a profile for all users within your social network. This feature allows users to edit their profile, allowing them to add photos, associate their email as well as their mobile number.
ClusterWall - Create profiles


With ClusterWall you can simply and automatically dematerialize today’s paper solutions, revolutionizing the way your institution communicates.

Get your visitors all kinds of documents (photos, videos, PDF files …) so that they are always aware of all the information.
ClusterWall - Documents


Alert your social network to upcoming corporate events you want to organize. ClusterWall allows it to be used for dissemination of informative or multimedia content, with the possibility of advertising integration.

Through this feature your events get the highlight they deserve!

ClusterWall - Events

News and Announcements

This platform allows you to spread news not only to your employees but also to all visitors of your institution, keeping them abreast of all the news. It is also possible to disclose announcements among your partners and collaborators.

ClusterWall - News


Manage communication by sending newsletter with ClusterWall. Make personalized newsletter available to everyone on your social network and keep your users up to date.
You can also import and export contact as well as manage email campaigns.
ClusterWall - Newsletter


ClusterWall has a backoffice where the administrator (s) can configure the software according to their institution’s identity and access all information about its use. In the backoffice you can manage and monitor publicly available content such as campaigns, fact sheets, FAQs, and more.

ClusterWall - Backoffice

Digital Complaint Book

With the digital complaints book feature, your users can alert you to any suggestions or complaints. Here your users can submit their complaints and / or request information about this platform.

ClusterWall - Complaints


ClusterWall - Social network for companies


Customize the ClusterWall environment to your liking, with the characteristics of your institution’s identity. Customization options include ClusterWall color, menus, logo, set up notifications, and more.

ClusterWall - Totalmente customizável

Visits Log

ClusterWall enables you to streamline and manage the visitor registration process. This gives many features such as visit scheduling and digital signature.
ClusterWall - Visitors


Use the screensaver when ClusterWall is not in use, putting all kinds of messages like custom images, entertainment, advertising, among others.While screensaver is active just click on the screen to access ClusterWall
ClusterWall - Screensaver


Invest in your users through online training on your internal platform.ClusterWall can serve as an innovative online training education platform.
ClusterWall - E-Learning

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