Interactivity and content sharing in gyms


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Wide consultation of information - Interactivity and content sharing in gyms

Wide consultation of information

Optimized communication - Interactivity and content sharing in gyms

Optimized communication between users and the gym

Online training sessions - Interactivity and content sharing in gyms

Access to online classes and training sessions

Make your gym or fitness center more efficient!

This type of system, with the use of multimedia kiosks such as QUARTZ, makes it possible to bridge the so-called “digital divide”. Since it is an interactive system, it brings information closer to a wider range of people (of all age groups). Thus, users have access to a simple and easy-to-use system.

Gyms and academies at the service of modernity

Multimedia kiosks are extremely useful for this sector, particularly when it comes to viewing schedules, general information about the gym, digital signature of documents, acquisition of virtual classes, among other features.

With ClusterWall allied with a multimedia kiosk, customers are provided with a platform that aggregates all these functionalities and multimedia contents.

Modernity - Interactivity and content sharing in gyms

E-classes: Online training sessions

ClusterWall can serve as an innovative online class platform, allowing trainers and clients to access fitness classes with just a click.

Promotion of sustainability

ClusterWall minimizes the use of traditional signage and reduces costs, providing greater harmony on site.

In addition to the location map of the gym’s divisions, the kiosks with this software allow a wide consultation of information, products and modalities.

Advantages for Gyms and Fitness Centers

ClusterWall is an interactive HUB for internal communication, content aggregation and sharing

Announcements and information

News and Updates

Virtual Training Sessions

Document sharing

Client account access

Digital Subscription

Ensure customer loyalty

Attracting new members and retaining customers is one of the main goals of gyms and fitness centers. Therefore, it is important to invest in technology that ensures a better experience for the athletes.

With ClusterWall, besides ensuring the satisfaction of the gym’s users, it increases the productivity of the workers, who can focus on more important tasks. At the same time, it increases the autonomy of customers who, in the interactive kiosk, can access any information.

Customer loyalty - Interactivity and content sharing in gyms

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