Through ClusterWall, offering tenants a platform that joins useful information such as notices, news and document sharing has never been so easy. Communicate and inform tenants without complications!

Access ClusterWall for Condominiums anywhere

With ClusterWall, the communication and information of the condominiums is done and shared in an easy and safe way.

You can consult in one place all the useful documents (budgets, invoices, minutes, among others) referring to the condominiums and respective factions, without having to worry about papers, emails and phone calls.

Have the condominium always a click away with ClusterWall.

Streamline processes through ClusterWall

ClusterWall’s centralized Web management (SaaS) allows new content to be released quickly and simply to the general public, or constant updates to be made privately for tenants.

The information can be widespread to display terminals such as multimedia kiosks or touch displays, and specific and distinct content can even be created for each terminal.

Easy access to information

In order to make access to the management of the condominium easier, profiles of tenants can be created so that they can have private access to the ClusterWall.

In the condominium user’s profile, you can access documents, expenses made by the condominium, notices regarding various topics such as breakdowns, inspections and repairs, among many other important information.


Private owner profile, with access to documentation and useful information. Remote access by smartphone version.


Sending and receiving messages between the condominium administration and the condominium members.


Consultation of minutes of joint owners’ meetings and other documents shared between them and the respective administration.

We collected the best advantages
for Condominiums

The ClusterWall system for condominiums allows you to streamline and manage condominiums
and communication in a more convenient way.

Responsive, easy-to-access system

No lost of information

Reduction of search time

Digital signature on screen

Multimedia content sharing

Notify the tenants

Convenience for tenants

Trust and transparency

ClusterWall for Tenants

ClusterWall provides condominium owners with an uncomplicated condominium administration service.

Tenants have quick access to all useful documentation in the management of the condominium, being able to communicate with each other, share notices and documents, schedule and reserve the use of common spaces in time, digitally sign (on screen) of the condominium regulations and rules, among other features.

ClusterWall for Administrators

For condominium administrators, ClusterWall makes communication with condominium members easier, through a digital and secure means, without the need for face-to-face contact. 

The administration can share documents and communicate notices with people, and even request the digital signature of documents without the need for face-to-face meetings.

A new, active and more transparent condominium administration with information available anytime and anywhere.

Stop the waste
of paper

Share information with the entire community with the support of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS multimedia kiosks.

Through multimedia kiosks that can be used in the common areas of the condominiums, keep your condominium members always updated, allowing them to enjoy the best experience in a more comfortable way.

This way, it reduces the use of traditional paper signage and reduces costs, providing greater harmony in the place.

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