Digital dynamism for Real Estate Agencies

Interactive Real Estate Agencies just a click away with Clusterwall interactive software.

We put together the best features
for real estate agencies

Clusterwall for real estate agencies is an excellent interactive digital communication tool, which aggregates and shares the most diverse content. This software is ideal for the presentation of real estate in order to make known to all customers the properties that the
real estate agency has available, being able to search by location or type of property.

Property List

Property categories
(Houses, Shops, Land, etc)

List of Enterprises

Search by location

Images of the properties

Description and information

Convenience for customers

Reduction of search time

Modernize the presentation of your properties and land

With Clusterwall in your real estate agency, provide a personalized experience to each of your clients, presenting them with the best presentations that will help your customers choose the best property or land for you.

Organize your content such as: villas, apartments, houses, stores, land, warehouses, etc.

This way, all clients will be able to easily navigate through Clusterwall and discover the best that your agency has to offer them.

Innovate your real estate agency!

  • Content division according to the most diverse categories (apartments, villas, land, etc), which will make navigation much easier, simple and convenient for customers.
  • Search by location, which will create a filter in the search,
    so that only results in the geographical area that
    customers want will appear.
  • Listing of data and specifics of each property, store and/or land, so that customers get to know and become
    familiar with the space in question.

Improve your customers' experience

The Clusterwall platform is very useful for the real estate industry, providing information about different properties and all sorts of associated commodities.

With Clusterwall for real estate agencies, keep all your customers up to date with the latest news and make sure their time at the their passage through your agency will be unforgettable.

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