Simple platform for communication and content sharing

ClusterWall - Communication and content sharing

Communication platform

ClusterWall is an internal or external content-sharing (blog, articles, PDF files, videos, photos, white papers, notices, twitter…) platform, that enables the creation, management and optimization of customized content experiences in a very, easy and intuitive way.

ClusterWall - Contents


Insert every type of content for every user on the platform to see.

ClusterWall - Interactive


Available in touch screen displays or multimedia kiosks.

ClusterWall - Responsive


Responsive system that allows its users to access on any device.

Access Anywhere

Access ClusterWall in any environment, always being aware of all inserted content in the platform.

Centralized Management

Manage your entire network from one point, where the administrator has access to all internal network customization tools.

Content Sharing

Share all kinds of content within the social network, keeping all users connected and up to date.

A versatile platform with multiple solutions

Platform for Civil Construction

Civil construction

Provide workers with a platform that aggregates multimedia content, useful information such as notices, news, as well as documents sharing.

Visitors management

Visitor management

ClusterWall gathers all the necessary information from your company’s visitors to help you organize and prepare your visits.



Video calls through ClusterWall allow customers to perform a number of actions in a convenient and organized manner.


ClusterWall offers the ability to centralize your content and promote engagement across your business structure. Its simple to use and very accessible for every user.
ClusterWall - Screensaver


Screen saver whenever not in use

On screen signature - Clusterwall

On Screen Signature

Sign documents through interactive displays

ClusterWall - Customizable


Customize ClusterWall with your instituion's culture.

ClusterWall - Documents


Make relevant documents available to users

ClusterWall - News


Alert and inform users of relevant news

ClusterWall - Events


Inform users of upcoming events

ClusterWall - Alerts


Alert users and prevent unforeseen events

ClusterWall - Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Communicate with people around you by providing content

ClusterWall - Backoffice


Manage the entire network through the backoffice

Digital signature - Clusterwall

Digital Signature

Digitally sign every document at the platform

Videocalls - Clusterwall


Communicate with your customers in a comfortable way

Visitor management - Clusterwall

Visitor management

Receive your visitors safely and effectively

Some features shown may be extra modules of ClusterWall, with associated costs.


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