Video calls

Video calls through ClusterWall allow customers to perform a number of actions more conveniently and flexibly, without employees having to physically go to the customer.

ClusterWall - Video calls for retail

Communicate with
your customers

  • Remote service through video call in store, in a multimedia kiosk installed inside the store;
  • Remote assistance in any location, by reading the QR Code (which can be in the shop window, on social networks or inside the store itself);
  • Customer service by video call at home, the customer simply having to save the QR Code and access the ClusterWall when he wants to be answered.
ClusterWall - Communicate with your customers

How it works


Information point
with associated QR Code

ClusterWall - Video calls steps


Scan the QR Code
with smartphone

ClusterWall - Video calls steps


Choose the desired
video call service


Remote customer service
via video call

Personalized service within everyone's reach!

The multimedia kiosks can work as a Helping Point, to give support to customers in the most diverse commercial areas.


These kiosks can be installed in strategic points of stores or other commercial surfaces, for easy access by clients.

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Helping Point

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Improving customer
service practices

Providing personalized remote service when and where customers need it is the main objective of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS ClusterWall.

ClusterWall - Advantages of video calls in retail

Access to the service
at any time

ClusterWall - Advantages of video calls in retail

Reduced need
to travel

ClusterWall - Advantages of video calls in retail


ClusterWall - Advantages of video calls in retail

Convenience for customers
and efficiency for the store

ClusterWall - Advantages of video calls in retail

Responsive system
with easy access

customer service

Live shopping: the bridge
between you and your clients

With ClusterWall’s video call functionality, stores can offer a more personal and personalized service, called “one to one” service, where the customer is served by the employee who guides them.

ClusterWall - Live shopping

“One to many”

ClusterWall - Live shopping

“One to one”

ClusterWall - Live shopping

Group live

ClusterWall - Live shopping

A new era in customer support

Based on interactive technology, the clusterwall for videocalls installed in multimedia kiosks, improves the experience of each customer through an interactive display capable of identifying customer interactions when the customer looks for support from an employee.


In this way, it will be possible to serve all customers, helping them with any information they need.

ClusterWall - Pharmacies video calls

Video calls and remote service
in the pharmaceutical sector!

As the use of technologies that support remote video call consultations is increasing, ClusterWall is an essential platform for pharmacists to be able to respond to users in a practical and effective way

  • Remote consultation by video call
  • Prescriptions and order medicines
  • Medical consultation

Videocalls and remote assistance in the hotel sector!

In the hospitality sector, many hotels have several different areas where questions and the need for customer support may arise.


In this sense, the clusterwall for videocalls appears as an ideal solution for these situations, providing remote assistance through videocall in several locations, such as the restaurant area, pool, gym, etc.

Videocalls and remote assistance in hypermarkets and supermarkets!

In hypermarkets and supermarkets, doubts appear regularly in what concerns the different products that the brand offers to all customers.


Clusterwall comes to solve this problem by providing support to all customers through videocalls. Thus, in the presence of a doubt, the customer can access the software, being directed to a call with an assistant that will help him.

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