Where can I use ClusterWall?

ClusterWall - Digital content sharing and communication social network

Multiple applications

ClusterWall is available for the most derivative sectors, providing features and applications customized for each. It is even possible to customize all of it so as to enter the integrity of the institution that uses it.


Modernize communication

in your municipality


With the ClusterWall platform, municipalities can replace current paper notices or notices, modernizing the communication of the municipality or parish council.


Strenghen communication
between team members


ClusterWall can be used as an internal social network for sports clubs allowing athletes quick access to all kinds of information and content, such as training plans, summons (with digital signature), match schedule and results.
ClusterWall - Results and training sessions for Football teams


Make it easy for people to search for their loved ones


Using this platform on a cemetery, gives visitors access to various information, such as searching the grave, information abou the deceased, grave locations, and more.

ClusterWall - Cemetry search for the decreased


Help to access news and documents in your parish


ClusterWall can be integrated into interactive kiosks and digital billboards, allowing it to be used at your parish’s events, parties and celebrations or even inside churches. You can provide your visitors with content, advertising, holiday calendars and many more features.


Facilitate interaction between
students and teachers


ClusterWall helps technologically modernize educational institutions by replacing traditional forms of content delivery. Enjoy features such as teacher-student content sharing, e-learning, and digital library.
ClusterWall - Social network for schools

Streamline adjacent tasks

maintaining the condominium


This content sharing platform can be used in condominiums, facilitating their management and administration. Being able to share with all owners news and notices, as well as arrange meetings.
ClusterWall - Condominium service management


Get customers closer

to your bank institution


You can place this internal social network at your bank through a media kiosk that allows bank visitors easy access to their account information, news and announcements from new campaigns, and even to share documents with your account manager.


Boost your events with this interactive platform


One of the possibilities of the integration ClusterWall is in interactive kiosks and digital billboards, allowing it to be used in events, exhibitions or fairs, for the dissemination of informative or multimedia content, with the possibility of advertising integration.
ClusterWall - Digital signage and interactivity at events


Help your customers discovering your offers


ClusterWall can be integrated into digital tables, allowing it to be used by your visitors. This makes available all vehicle information such as prices, extras, campaigns and discounts.
ClusterWall - Help clients at stands


Facilitate access to menus
and other information at
your establishment


ClusterWall will make your restaurant more modern, improving the experience of its customers and increasing its interactivity. Facilitate access to menus and prices, menus of the week, dishes of the day, among many other features.


Better communication
among employees


With this internal social network, you can streamline communication between your employees. Share content and make documents available, replacing paper use with this interactive digital platform.
ClusterWall - Social network for companies

Remote work

For organizations that have had to adapt their routines to the fact that employees work from home, there are some challenges that have to be overcome to make this an equally productive period.

ClusterWall is, therefore, ideal for remote work, as it is a platform that allows you to aggregate content (blog, articles, documents, videos, photographs, white papers, notices, tweets, etc).

ClusterWall - Remote Work

Check how ClusterWall
can help with remote work

Stop the excessive paper spending


ClusterWall Edital allows the replacement of the current edicts or informative notices on paper, modernizing the communication of your Parish Council.
ClusterWall - Parishes

Travel Agencies

Digital Interactive Content

Travel Agencies

With Clusterwall in your travel agency, provide a personalized experience to each of your customers, presenting them with the best content such as brochures that will support all customers, helping them to choose the best destination in an interactive way.


Leave nothing unsaid


Technological developments are transforming the commerce and retail sector. As the use of technologies to support customer service is increasing, ClusterWall is ideal for stores to respond effectively and conveniently to customers.

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