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Optimization of communication between store and customers

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Modernization of the space

Leave nothing unsaid!

Technological developments are transforming the commerce and retail sector. As the use of technologies to support customer service is increasing, ClusterWall is ideal for stores to respond effectively and conveniently to customers and provide them with all the information they need to know about products.

Improving the shopping experience

Digital Signage and ClusterWall in particular are extremely useful for the retail sector, namely when it comes to viewing available products, explanatory videos, general and price/promotion information, among other features.

Digital Signage displays are exhibition points for dynamic digital content and are one of the communication means used by the retail sector to approach the customer, with the aim of capturing his attention.

Solutions for Retail - Clusterwall

Promoting customer satisfaction

ClusterWall minimizes the use of traditional signage and reduces costs, providing greater harmony on site. This software also makes it possible to compare prices, register on the store’s website, fill out customer card forms, access the catalog, directory of products, among other services.

With ClusterWall, customers are provided with a platform that aggregates all these functionalities and multimedia contents.

Advantages for Retail

ClusterWall is an interactive HUB for internal communication, content aggregation and sharing.

Announcements and information

News and promotions

Product showcase

Customer loyalty

Directory of products

Explanation videos

Modernization of spaces

The digital age offers great opportunities that lead to improved customer experience. When people, processes, data and all this digital information are connected, it is possible to offer better experiences and new operating models to increase efficiency and customer value.

Likewise, retail stores also benefit, as they modernize their image and stand out from the competition.

Solutions for Retail - Clusterwall

A valuable attraction

The retail industry benefits a lot from ClusterWall, as the provision of information is one of the main attractions for customers.

This way, retailers provide a much more valuable personal service through this digital platform.

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