Fault Management

Clusterwall, in addition to offering its customers or employees a platform that aggregates multimedia content and useful information, provides a personalized and effective fault management service.


Communication of malfunctions in a
simplified way.

Optimization of communication between
clients, suppliers or employees.

Access to personalized

Registering software malfunctions

With the Clusterwall software, in the presence of a malfunction, all that is required is for the customer to report it through a malfunction log in the software itself.

This feature will provide a more personalized and faster experience to all customers or employees.

Fault logging with

All equipment with Clusterwall software is assigned a QR CODE that, in case of failure, will automate the identification process of the equipment, making it easier to register the failure.

Effective Request for Support

With a troubleshooting request in the software itself, or even through a QR CODE associated with the equipment, assistance by any technician will occur more efficiently, thus avoiding unnecessary trips and waste of time.


Providing personalized remote assistance when clients or employees need it is the major goal of Clusterwall from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS.

Client/collaborator loyalty

Reduced need for travel

Personalized attendance

Comfort for the

Confidence and transparency

Easy access system

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