Auto Repair Shops and Car Dealerships

Improve communication between your sales and repair department and your customers.

Whorkshops and Automobile stands - ClusterWall

The organization that is shared

With ClusterWall, the communication between the auto repair shops and the customers is improved by being able to share messages, updates, notices and promotions.

With the possibility to make video calls, especially advantageous when repairing cars or presenting them for sale, there is also a growing need to involve customers in the whole process.

Organization - Whorkshops - ClusterWall

Providing information

With ClusterWall, you can let your customers know the entire car repair process. The mechanic or technician can share the process with the customer through videos or photos.

This way, the customer can understand simply and quickly what work is needed.

Customizable Software

Digital Signature (on screen)

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Auto Repair Shop

Communication between the auto repair shop and clients is improved by the fact that through clusterwall you can share written messages, updates, warnings, and deals.

Automobile Stands - Whorkshops - ClusterWall

Car Dealerships

It is possible to record videos of your showroom or specific vehicles and share with customers, which allows the creation of long-lasting relationships.

Backoffice - Whorkshops - ClusterWall


In the backoffice, it is also possible to access a dashboard with ticket statistics for analysis, through which the services provided can be optimized.

Establish trust with your customers by letting them know everything that happens


Since ClusterWall is a multifunctional platform, it is possible to keep customers interested from the moment of purchase to regular visits for vehicle maintenance.

Simplification of processes

One of the great advantages of ClusterWall is the creation of an almost instantaneous relationship that can be used to send a personalized and quick response to your customers.

Live video

With the ability to do live videos, ClusterWall provides an immersive experience for the customer, creating a sense of reliability.


The software’s ease of use allows to share content quickly and intuitively.


ClusterWall makes any professional’s job easier, because if any extra repairs are needed while the car is still being fixed, the customer has immediate access to that information and can validate it.

Trust and transparency

Since this is a reliable and transparent software, there is, therefore, an increase in customer satisfaction.

ClusterWall features for auto repair shops

Each customer can have access to a private cluster for sharing and exchanging information with the mechanic or technician. Thus, it is possible to provide a more accurate assessment of the vehicle’s condition, in a fast and efficient way for customers.

Through document sharing and digital signature, the agreement of both parties can be obtained.

Flexible comunication

Document sharing

Functionalities - Whorkshops - ClusterWall

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Organize communication with customers using the ticket system

In order to organize communication with your customers, ClusterWall allows to create forms for customers to communicate their problems or questions in a simple and instant way.

These forms can be assigned to workgroups defined in the software backoffice. Thus, whenever a customer submits a form, the assigned workgroup can proceed to open a ticket to resolve the issue or provide customer support.

Management - Whorkshops - ClusterWall

A virtual showroom for your dealership

ClusterWall is a solution that translates into an easy way to communicate. It is possible to record videos of your showroom or specific vehicles and share with customers, which allows the creation of long-lasting relationships.

By facilitating communication with the customer, ClusterWall makes it faster and easier to share all the necessary information about the vehicles with the customer, without the customer having to make unnecessary trips to the dealership.



The improvement of remote service practices

Providing personalized remote attendance when and where clients need it is the great objective of ClusterWall from PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS.

Remote atendence - Whorkshops - ClusterWall

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