Civil Construction

ClusterWall provides workers with a platform that aggregates multimedia content, useful information such as
notices, news, as well as sharing documents.

ClusterWall - Digital platform for Civil Construction


Invest in your users' learning through online training

Invest in your users’ learning
through online training

Promova a interactividade e visualização colaborativa

Promote interactivity
and collaborative visualization

Modernize the construction site and connect with the workers

Modernize the construction site
and connect with the workers

What are its advantages
for Civil Construction?

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Multimedia contents



Assiduity control

Responsive system

Online video education!

Combining technological development with the real needs of civil construction, ClusterWall offers innovative technologies and features that optimize work and save time.

ClusterWall can serve as an innovative online education and training platform, enabling trainers and trainees, workers or others, to have one-click distance learning.

E-learning: Online video education!

See how ClusterWall works
for the civil construction sector!

Digital platform for Civil Construction

Promote construction
site interaction

The use of multimedia kiosks allows you to select and view information in an easy, fast and interactive way

The use of ClusterWall at the construction site aims to facilitate communication between workers, as it provides important documents and information about the work

End paper overspending

With ClusterWall you can, in a simple and automated way, dematerialize current paper solutions, revolutionizing the way your company communicates.

Record your workers' entry
and exit movements

The use of multimedia kiosks combined with the ClusterWall software, allows access to a resource for recording the entries and exits of workers in the workplace.

With ClusterWall you can see all records and have access to your workers’ checkin and checkout data.

Transporting loads and unloads

vWith the use of multimedia kiosks, streamline the entry and exit of transport where drivers can enter their personal data, vehicle registration, company and type of cargo.

After check-in, the data is sent to the loading location and the driver is notified at the kiosk about the place to go.

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